Garden & Landscape Design

Image of landscaped garden in Dublin Ireland

Landscape & Garden Design Dublin & Wicklow.

Design process:

We at Moss and Green Landscape Gardens work closely with our clients and initially begin by assessing a site's intrinsic potential. No nook or cranny is overlooked! Eco friendly materials and disposal methods used at all times. First step is the initial consultation where Conal will discuss your requirements and survey your garden. We confer about the potential features suitable, and the materials available. We then return with a proposed sketch, and discuss budgets and time scale, and finalise the project.


We take into consideration all factors, including:

  • Children and pets regarding the enclosure
  • Suitable materials (fencing / wall / hedging) according to taste and budget
  • Any previous garden designs you would like keep
  • Location and topographic conditions
  • Drainage
  • Water courses
  • Rocks all aspects of the project catered for

Have you any garden treasures you wish to turn into a  novelty feature?

Should our clients require planning permission we liaise with the local authorities and collaborate as required with architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals. We conceive, plan and coordinate all our projects, engaging the client with our project team to implement a shared vision.

Follow up services and garden maintenance provided.

Our maintenance team allows us look after homes, offices, hotels, apartment complexes as well as private housing estates up to 175 houses.